New wave shield sound system

OK! So I have bounced back from the accidental destruction of my rMP3 shield, replaced it with the cheaper, simpler Wave shield, and off we go!

This is pretty much how I had it set up before, but omitting the volume control, as if it is possible in software, I haven’t firgured it out yet with this shield. This is using a new library that will be checked in to the Ardu-D2 repo soon

What it does is you put a bunch of wav files on the SD card, put it int he shield, then it listen on pin 7 for a RC pulse, and if the pulse width changes, it picks a random sound and plays it. Quite simple really, just the basics since that is all I needed for now for R5. Hard to beat the price for this sound solution, the Wav shield is a very affordable $22, and the seeeduino I’m using, which is 100% compatible with the 328-equipped duemilinove is just $22.50
A lot more could be done with it too, I have just kept it simple for now.

I have also begun assembling my center foot shell, having cut off the skirt bits with a borrowed bandsaw 🙂 I have the steel stik putty holding it together for now, I am still undecided how I wish to permanently secure it. It would be strongest welded, but I’m not sure if/when i can get that done. I’ll be at least cutting and assembling the outer feet to this degree with the putty as well, then I’ll figure out how I get them more permanently and securely finished. Maybe its just lots of JB weld, I dunno.

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