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    2. Products


      Support points:256*2048,512*1024
      Function features: random partition, running side, time switch, digital clock, analog clock, 16 levels brightness adjustment, unit plate test, including somersault, bubbling, blowing snow, windmill, vector stretch,
      Product introduction Download
      Hardware Model number ZH-E7
      Processor ARM7
      LedOS system With LedOS V3.35 operation system inside
      Storage capacity 8M bit
      communication RS232 Support(3 kinds of communication ways )
      RS485 Support(3 kinds of communication ways )
      Distance RS232 effective communication distance:120 meters
      Network communication distance: 150 meters
      USB communication Support(3 kinds of communication ways )
      Display adapter 2 sets of standard 50 interface on the plate
      unit plate test Rapidly detect the unit plate if it has problem or not, such as blind points, dark light, full red, etc
      Working voltage 5V (in the range of 3.2-5.5)
      Power ≤0.5W
      Environment temperature -30℃~70℃’
      Software Operation system Support Windows 2000、NT、XP、Vista and Win7 Win10
      Bundled software Led Control System V3
      Function  display multi-program play At most add 32 programs, you can set multi-program fixed time play , timer play, time segment play, single program play
      multi-partition Each program adds 4 free partition at most at the same time (it’s not traditional pseudo partition ), random size, position, alone operation
      Program types Image-text, subtitles, digital time, analog clock, animation
      Time switch Support software forced switch and time switch
      Time display Support digital time and analog clock
      Motion way 60 kinds of display ways and 42 kinds of quitting ways arbitrary collocation, over 2000 kinds of random assortments perfect collocation
      Running side Over 10 kinds of running modes, support single partition running mode
      Brightness adjustment Support 0-15 level manual brightness adjustment
       Product specifications Scope of application Support 1/4、1/8、1/16 scan, single and double color, full color unit plate
      Maximum support points 524288
      Support points 256*2048  
      Support points 512*1024  
      OE Set the “+”“—” through the software
      DA Set the “+”“—” through the software


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