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    2. Products


      Support points:128*8192, 512*2048
      Extra Long Load Big Area Control System
      Perfectly solve flash points hard problem of loading very long display, keep running texts balanced and smooth, stable operation.
      Product introduction Download

      Function features:

              1.Fully new updating display effect, quicker, smoother, more stable;

              2.Fully updating hardware solution, all round protection, quality components, leave factory in zero failure;

              3.More stable network communication, support server mode, able to span multiple network segments;

              4.Flexible to add line layout, support any line layout modules;

              5.Support data compression, smaller data, faster transmission;

              6.Extra wide working voltage, effectively get rid of voltage wave or problem that poor quality power supply brings;

              7.Extra strong reverse connection protecting circuit, totally solving reverse connection problem.

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