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    2. Products


      Loading Area: 128*1024;
      Max Width: 1024;
      Output Port: 8*hub75;
      Product introduction Download
      I. Function Introduction:

      1. Multi-platform control: Support PC, Android and IOS.
      2. Fast transmission rate: Use HTTP protocol and data compression, data transmission is smaller and faster.
      3. Background transmission efficient: Proprietary algorithm, small data size, higher efficiency.
      4. Simple operation: Simple UI design, debugging and use do not affect each other, and zero learning cost.
      5. Multilayer overlay processing: Background and foreground do not affect operational efficiency.
      6. WiFi +USB dual communication: Subtitle data can be transmitted through WiFi or USB.
      7. Support various indoor and outdoor unit board: HUB75E interface match with various kind of the unit board.
      8. Support module line type automatic scanning: Line type automatic scanning.
      9. Support program timing play, fixed time play, designated time play: The program can play at will.
      10. Support rainbow word, background, pictures and other materials: Support all kinds of common materials.
      11. Support special chips: Such as ICN2038S.
      12. Support external interface expansion: Such as temperature sensor.

      II. Detail Parameters
      Operating system: 
      PC device support: XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10.
      Mobile terminal support: Android(Android), IOS.
      Display effect: support software dynamic background, magic run side overlay play.
      Running type: phantom running, support the whole screen running/multi partition running/custom running.
      Play type: support multi-program sequential play/timing play/fixed-length play/time-sharing play/lock single program play.
      Adaptive range: support various 75E interface unit board.
      Supporting software
      PC side : LED player V5
      Mobile terminal: LED Mobile (color), support multi-program editing/multi-area display/multi-language version.
      Area type: subtitle/time/analog dial/temperature.
      Communication mode: WIFI, stable speed. USB, once plug and play.
      Sensor: Temperature sensor
      Clock: support
      Working voltage: + 4.5v ~6V
      Maximum power consumption: <1W
      Operating temperature: -30°C~70°C
      III. Loading Area
      Model HUB Port Loading Area Storage
      ZH-M8 8*hub 75E 1024*128  512*256
      max width:1024; max height:512
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