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    2. Products

      S4 (LED Sending Box)

      Max Load: 2.6 million;
      Max width: 8192, Max height: 2160;
      Input: DVI*1, HDMI*1, Audio*1;
      Output: DVI_LOOP*1, HDMI_LOOP*1, Net Port*4;
      Support Cascading.
      Product introduction Download
      I. Product Introduction:
      S4 Sending Box is a product created by ZH Company to meet the convenience of large LED screen installation. It supports DVI and HDMI high-definition signal input and loop-out; it can receive up to 1920*1200 pixels of high-definition digital signals, supports 4 pieces Gigabit Ethernet port outputs, single device support pixel maximum width: 8192 or maximum height: 2160. Using a new communication architecture, high refresh, high brightness, new grayscale scanning engine, nanosecond synchronization, it can still maintain smooth communication even in poor communication status, allowing users to feel more colorful and better LED world!
      II. Functional Features
      1. Support HD signal input: support HDMI and DVI video signal input and LOOP output;
      2. Input resolution: maximum pixels 1920*1200, support any resolution setting;
      3. Maximum load area of single card: 2.6 million points, the max width can reach 8192, and the max height can reach 2160 points;
      4. 4 pcs Gigabit Ethernet port outputs, support splicing up and down, left and right;
      5. Hot backup: hot backup of two network ports in the same group and hot backup of multiple cards;
      6. Dual-type USB communication interface, easy to debug separately and cascade;
      7. Two setting methods of panel and PC;
      8. Support audio input and synchronous transmission through network cable/optical fiber;
      9. Support multiple sending box arbitrary splicing cascade, strict synchronization;
      10. Support low brightness and high gray;
      11. Support brightness and color temperature adjustment;
      12. Support all the receiving cards of AVIC V5.
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