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    2. Products


      Control Area: 33 million;
      Output Interface 4K*4pcs;
      Support acquisition card;
      Unlimited window display;
      Product introduction Download
      I. Product Introduction:
      The Z800 video server is an integrated broadcast control server product, which produced by ZH for large LED screens in different application scenarios such as stages, bars, and conferences. It supports 4K×4 super-large resolution point-to-point display, which can be flexibly matched according to needs. Compared with traditional solutions, the cost is lower and the effect is better. At the same time, it can realize different scenes of video display and professional broadcast control functions, making customer management convenient, simple operation, and better application effects.
      II. Functional Features
      1. Maximum support 4K×4 point-to-point display, flexible configuration and better solution;
      2. Support unlimited window opening;
      3. Support one-key switching of preset background pictures;
      4. Support audio output;
      5. Support program preview and display monitoring; 
      6. Support automatic identification or manual modification of the physical screen logical screen size;
      7. Support partition scene editing, preset, import and export;
      8. It supports direct switching of the display screen during broadcast;
      9. Support media classification: support all/video/picture/text;
      10. Support material custom label classification;
      11. Support batch import of media folders;
      12. Support material attribute adjustment: such as: position, size and angle, etc.;
      13. Support broadcast progress management;
      14. Support window level adjustment;
      15. Support hard decoding;
      16. Support one-click black screen;
      17. Support one-key lock to prevent accidental touch;
      18. Standard 5U chassis, more convenient to install and use.
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