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    2. Products


      Input/output interface:
      Input: LAN port*1, USB*1, WiFi*1
      Output: LAN port*2, HDMI*1, Audio*1

      Loading area:
      1.3 million points,
      Max width: 4096, Max height: 2160
      Product introduction Download
      I. Function Introduction:
      ZH-C2-4G belongs to full color series LED player, its functions are as follows:
      · Adopt the same refresh technology as synchronous control system;
      · Support cascading receiving cards, support any size screen;
      · Support mobile APP (Android + iPhone) to send program;
      · Support U-disk, Wi-Fi hot-spot (AP mode) and Internet (STA mode) to realize cluster management;
      · Support 3G/4G/ Wi-Fi and other access to Internet to manage;
      · Support remote cluster release management system;
      · Offer SDK file;
      · Support HD video hard decoding;
      · Supports audio output, 3.5mm standard audio output interface;
      · Support USB to play video and pictures directly;
      · Support brightness automatic, timing adjustment;
      · Support program play in sequence and timing;
      · Support UDP network communication protocol;
      · Support DHCP to obtain IP address automatically;
      · Support emergency information insertion;
      · Support weather forecast;
      · Support 1 pcs HDMI output port;
      · Support one-button full screen test;
      · Support 2pcs video Windows to play simultaneously;
      · Support manual switch, timing switch;
      · Support log, screen status checking;
      · Support multi-device play synchronously;
      · Support cloud login dynamic verification, support grouping, classification, monitoring, verify and other permission to manage.
      II. Basic Function Parameters
      System Parameters
      CPU 8-core A53, 1.5GHz
      Operation System Android 5.1
      System Storage 8G (The system takes up about 2.5G)
      Control Area Loading Points: 1.3 million points
      Maximum Width: 4096,Maximum Height: 2160
      Support Resolution
      Receiving card All series ZH receiving card
      Device Port
      Synchronous input interface and quantity Not support synchronous
      Asynchronous input interface and quantity Gigabit network*1,USB*2,WiFi*1, 3G/4G*1
      Output port and quantity Gigabit network*2,Audio*1, HDMI*1
      Media playback formats
      program, window Multi-program sequence, timing and other playback methods; arbitrary partition and overlay playback of windows
      Video formats AVI,F4V,WMV,MPG, RM/RMVB,MOV,VOB,MP4,FLV,TS,MKV and other common video formats; can support 2 video windows to play at the same time
      Picture formats BMP、JPG、PNG、GIF and so on
      Audio formats MPEG(MP3)、AAC and so on
      Text document Support software to edit single-line, multi-line, colorful text; support  TXT documents import; support word, Excel, PPT, etc. of 2007 or later versions of office import
      Other function Support clock, watch face, timing, weather forecast (commercial grade), streaming media, etc.
      Management and control
      Software PC:LEDPlayerV5;APP:LED Mobile Color; WEB
      Program update communication U disk export, plug and play; self-adaptive 100M/1000M network port direct connection or access to LAN to send; WiFi AP mode or STA mode control
      FPGA file Built-in many brand module FPGA file, can quickly debug the display
      Brightness setting Screen brightness can be set according to time
      Remote controller Play volume, signal, material, etc. can be controlled through the software remote control function
      cluster mode Support local server cluster, Support cloud server cluster
      Local Support local send password setting
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