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      Zhonghang WiFi card, You Can Send By Phone.

      2017-12-06 14:30:54 213

               Our company upgrades new WiFi control system V3, easy operation, free wire, free USB, no need to connect broadband, no subsequent cost, high quality solution, acceptable easily by industry personnel, we believe that Zhonghang wireless WiFi control system are creating another miracle-----wireless WiFi control cards replace USB control cards to be the main products in the market.

       First: Broadcom provides super steady solution and high quality assurance

      Zhonghang software the 6th generation WiFi system, new communication frame, new production engineering. Broadcom provides super steady solution and all kinds of technical supports !


       Second:  WiFi and USB dual communication design, super low failure rate

      WiFi and USB communication belong high stability communication mode.


      Third: High speed data exchange mechanism,top speed user experience

      This industry generally adopts WiFi transferring to serial communication mode, and it leads to the low sending speed. Zhonghang WiFi module, not the WiFi transferring to serial communication module, data transmission is finished in the singlechip, high speed sending, top speed user experience.

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