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      Shanghai International LED Exhibition-- Zhonghang Software

      2017-12-06 14:30:54 187

      The global largest LED lighting exhibition -- Shanghai international LED exhibition has started for 3 days. Zhonghang Software released latest products: asynchronous full color control system, synchronous full color control system, synchronous full color corrective system, etc. In the exhibition, the customers at home and abroad were very enthusiastic and constantly communicated with staff;the products were praised by them identically. The spot latest products conference brought a feast of vision and audition for customers at home and abroad. Everyones enthusiasm and many spot orders means to believe us very much.

      The exhibition staff carefully registered the customers information and further contacted them after exhibition.

      Oversea customers scanned our QR code to know more about our company and products 

      Customers at home and abroad consulted product information and exhibition staff answered them positively. 

      Oversea customers placed orders on the spot 

      The exhibition is still going on; Zhonghang Software exhibition staff receive the guests at home and abroad enthusiastically and provide you professional LED control system technical consultation and solution plan. Thanks very much for your visit and we will be here to wait for your coming. Booth C52, Hall E1

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