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      Welcome to Intelligence Signs &amp; LED Exhibition, Guangzhou 2016.

      2017-12-06 14:30:54 182

              In 2016, Guangzhou Intelligence Signs & LED Exhibition will be held in the Canton Fair hall. Zhonghang Software booth plan, which has been planned for two months, will be exhibited in front of your eyes. Zhonghang Software sincerely invites you to visit it: B11, Hall 9.2.

      Exhibition Time: 2016/2/24 to 2016/2/27

      Exhibition Address: B11, Hall 9.2, China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (No.382, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City)

      Exhibition Products: full color synchronous series, full color asynchronous series, fully upgraded WiFi series, door head full color series, GPRS series, etc.

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