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      ZH Software: Let's meet spring in guangzhou, 9.2 Hall B11 booth!

      2017-12-06 14:30:53 203

      Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition,Guangzhou 2017
      Exhibition time:February 15-18, 2017
      Exhibition address:9.2 Hall B11 booth Guangzhou exhibition

      Exhibition:New V5, video processor, full color synchronous series, full color asynchronous series, doorhead full color (high and low ash) series, long with port network card, a comprehensive upgrade version of WIFI series, GPRS series, network card series and so on.

      Traffic Guide:
      1, Motor car to Shenzhen to Guangzhou South (or motor vehicle direct to Guangzhou South), take the subway line 2 to Changgang then to line 8 to Pazhou Station A / B direct access to Exhibition (Take taxi to arrive too).
      2, The plane directly to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport by subway, taxi or bus direct to the exhibition.
      3,Passenger bus to reach the bus station by subway, taxi or bus direct to the exhibition.
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