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    2. News

      ZH Software meet you at the national central city: Zhengzhou

      2017-12-06 14:30:53 142

      2017 Spring China (Zhengzhou) 30th Central Plains Advertising Exhibition

      2017 Spring China Central (Zhengzhou) LED lighting exhibition

      Exhibition time: February 21-24, 2017

      Exhibition adress: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Zhengdong New Area) F317 booth

      The exhibition ZH will show the product line:The new V5, video processor, full color synchronous series, full color asynchronous series, doorhead full color (high, low grey) series, long with network port card, a comprehensive upgrade version of WIFI series , GPRS series, network card series. Invite you to visit the ZH booth, cooperation and development!

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